Vision Plus
STATUS 270 - Mounting Foot10-28258.29
STATUS 270 - Dome Only10-282055.79
Coax F Plug 6.0mm09-6066/6.01.10
Status 350/355 (Dome only 10m coax)10-2805/1059.96
Mast, Driveshaft & Winder Handle Assembly (with H/V Indicator) - 330mm10-2723/550/ASS28.29
Winder Handle & End Cap (with H/V Indicator) - Status 550/560/570/580 Use Only10-2695/550/ASS15.375
Push on Angled F Connector09-60621.24
TV Fly Lead 90 degree Coax to Coax - 1.5m09-60392.29
STATUS 580 - Aerial Dome only - 5m Coax10-2755/5/570FM/ASS89.96
Antenna Blanking Plate09-607312.46
Coax Cable with Coax Plug - 5m09-60415.79
Coax Cable with F Connector - 5m09-60425.79
Multi-Mast Upper Arm09-60753.29
Multi-Mast Lower Arm09-60763.29
Mast, Driveshaft & Winder Handle Assembly (with H/V Indicator) - 920mm10-2727/550/ASS32.46
Vision Plus Radio Antenna09-640016.625
Coax to Coax Coupler09-60641.24
Mast Ground Spike09-60872.46
Gaiter (inc. Foot & Sleeve) - Fixed10-2559/55013.71
Roof Mounting Assembly - Fixed10-2687/550/ASS22.46
F-Con to F-Con Fly Lead - 2m09-60382.29
Coax F Plug 7.0mm09-6066/7.01.104
External TV Antenna & Satellite Socket09-601815.79
Gaiter Only - Fixed10-25609.54
External TV Antenna Socket09-601613.29
External Satellite Socket09-601713.29
Aerial-2-Mast Bracket09-60504.96
STATUS Blanking Cap (315/330/335/350/355)10-2505/21.625
STATUS Wall Bracket (540/560/580)10-2692/ASS24.125
Gaiter (Inc. Sleeve) - Angle Adjustable10-2559/ASS15.375
STATUS Blanking Cap (530/540/550/560/570/580)10-2505/31.625
M/Mast Locking Collar & Arm10-2853/ASS8.29
STATUS Gearbox Mast O-Rings x 3 (530/540/550/560/570/580)10-2558/ASS2.46
M/Mast Lower Bracket & Arm10-2856/ASS8.29
Coaxial Coupler09-60251.104
Coax Cable - 5m09-60444.125
Push on F Connector09-60611.24
Coaxial Plug09-60201.104
Roof Mounting Assembly - Angle Adjustable10-2687/ASS28.29
STATUS 570 - Aerial Dome only - 2m Coax10-2755/2/570FM/ASS85.79
F to F Coupler09-60671.24
Flat Window Cable (F-Con to F-Con)09-60817.04
Status 350/355 (Dome only 5m coax)10-2805/557.46
STATUS Pole Adapter O-Ring (315/330/335/350/355)10-25562.46
STATUS Mounting Foot (315/330/335/350/355)10-2664/312.04
IMAGE Pole Adapter09-60783.29
Male F to Male RF Coax Adapter09-60601.24

Customer Reviews


Customer Reviews

Ian June 2021

Hi Harvey
Just a quick thank you to say that the screws for the TV bracket plate which arrived today. They are perfect.
Too many people these days only write to complain, nobody ever writes to say thank you when things are sorted.
So thank you once again for all your help it is very much appreciated.
Kindest regards

Martin Sherman June 2021

Thank you so much for the excellent service I received from your company – it is really appreciated and satisfying.
So often we seem to find difficulty in resolving post-purchase issues and thanks to your help I will use and recommend Vision Plus in the future and disregard other suppliers.
I will also inform those I know and meet about the positive experience you have provided.
Kind regards

Dean Robinson August 2020


Jean Atkinson June 2021


I don’t know who will receive this email but I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Harvey Morecroft for his assistance the other day.

I had an issue with my reversing camera and after explaining it to Harvey he took my number and went off to investigate how he could help.

On the same day he returned my call and said he could solve the issue and would forward the parts required.

The parts arrived today and I have managed to put my camera back to full use.

Harvey is a credit to Vision Plus; It’s reassuring to get such excellent, prompt service and I will sing his and your company’s praises on Face Book.

Many thanks again
Mrs Jean Atkinson

Anglesey Holiday June 2020

Wow - What can I say - absolutely A1 service from Vision Plus,
I managed to cross thread my caravan tv mast collar on my Status 530 tv Ariel - I contacted Vision Plus and spoke to Mark Eatherington who sent me a replacement collar - it arrived next day delivery and with no charge.
Brilliant - best customer service around - I would definitely recommend Vision Plus - Thank you again Mark Eatherington

Calvin Owen December 2020

Plastic casing on my 2012 caravan antenna broke. Emailed Vision Plus for spares expecting to have to pay for a replacement. Spoke with Mark E who offered the new parts required free of charge.

Customer service above and beyond my expectations Thanks