VISION PLUS - FM DAB Radio Diplexer
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VISION PLUS - FM DAB Radio Diplexer

Receive DAB & FM on one aerial.

A specially designed product to enable the FM DAB radio signals from a STATUS antenna to be connected to a Digital DAB car stereo.

Benefits over a splitter:
  • Designed to cover all eighteen blocks allocated to DAB in the UK
  • Designed to specifically Diplex FM/DAB frequencies (only passes signals of correct frequency through each leg)
  • Lower in band insertion loss that standard splitter/combiner (Typically >2.5dB)
  • Far better than a normal splitter, where losses are typically 3.5-9dB, resulting in DAB signals breaking up and FM fading and no isolation of signals
  • High rejection of unwanted signals
  • Correct plugs fitted (no adapters or joints required, reduces losses still further
  • Compact, neat design (removes the necessity of "made up" fly leads)

For use on the following (see Related Products):

  • STATUS 550/560/570/580 ( NOT TO BE USED ON - Swift & Lunar factory fitted UHF TV only units with single white coax cable)
  • STATUS 355

Product Code 09-6015
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