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Status 530
 Sharp bends, kinks and hot surfaces can easily damage coaxial cable and should be avoided. An inspection of the cable routing is recommended to ensure that all is correct. Coaxial cable, if placed in close proximity to electrical cables, transformers or other pieces of electrical equipment, may pick up electrical interference causing picture quality to deteriorate, especially in more difficult reception areas. Excess coaxial cable should be removed and NOT coiled up as this may cause picture distortion.
 It is vitally important that all of the coaxial plugs in the aerial system are fitted correctly. Remove each plug from the Power Pack and unscrew its housing. Refer to the Status instruction manual and ensure that the plug is fitted as per the diagram. Replace the plug in the appropriate socket and move on to the next one.
 Should the red LED on the Power Pack not light, first try removing the coaxial plug from the ANT-IN (Antenna in) socket to see if the LED illuminates. If the LED illuminates, then a fault lies within the antenna plug (remove and refit as per the Status manual) or the cable (follow the cable run up to the aerial dome-head ensuring it has not been squashes or chafed).
 This switch should be in the NML (Normal) position for general use. The Low setting may be used when situated close to TV transmitting masts where excessively strong signals may be affecting the quality of the picture. Note- the coaxial lead which is attached to the antenna head must be offered into the ANT-IN socket and not a TV/FM socket.
 This test basically eliminates other parts of the TV aerial circuit leaving only the TV and the Status system linked directly together. First of all, remove any coaxial plugs that are plugged into the TV-FM sockets of the Status Power Pack. Then, take a spare fly-lead (the lead that normally links your TV to the aerial wall socket) and use it to link your TV directly in to one of the TV-FM sockets of the Status Power Pack. Ensure the aerial dome is plugged directly into the Ant-In socket of the power pack. Switch on the power pack and ensure the gain switch is in the NML (Normal) position. Tune your TV across the band to find the strongest signal.
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